As a destination for the consciously-minded, we have always been passionate about bringing you the very best products that are both good for you and the planet.

Never prepared to compromise on quality, we aim to showcase products that are at the forefront of green beauty. We believe in making you feel and look good mind, body and spirit, with a range that reflects our vision for a more ethical future.

Why Summer

Whether a passionate and dedicated clean beauty lover, or someone looking to make a change we have you covered. We specialise in sourcing some of the world’s most ethical ingredients and we ensure that every single product is held to our high standards. Our rigorous selection criteria guarantees that anything you buy from us will be of the highest purity, quality and integrity.


At Summer Dew, we are committed to doing our bit for the planet.

Because we understand the impact that excess packaging has on the environment, we continuously evaluate our systems and practices to ensure we are as kind to the earth as we possibly can be.

Let us tell you a bit more about our packaging…

Product Packaging

We try our best to source products that are recyclable, refillable and responsibly packaged.

Excess packaging is not acceptable to us. We favour packaging that can be recycled, manufactured responsibly, locally produced and biodegradable.

Our Boxes

Our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. This certification encourages forest owners to follow best social and environmental practises which include: protecting biodiversity, indigenous people’s rights, worker’s rights and other areas of environmental or cultural importance.

Tissue Paper

The design itself was inspired by nature and is printed onto the paper by a sustainable company who have an initiative called ‘Soft Steps Forward’, which concentrates on promoting sustainability and respect for the environment, its also 100% recyclable and free from chlorine bleach.